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How to make bowknot with ribbon

Issuing time:2021-07-06 16:51

Beautiful packaging can not be missing is the bow. By changing the position of the bow, you can see a completely different effect. By changing the size and material of the bow, you can experience different feelings. In the packaging, you can attach cards and accessories to convey your feelings.

1. Wind the 1.5m long ribbon into a circle with a diameter of 10cm, and repeat 5-6 times

2. Hold the central part tightly

3. Press the middle part with your fingers, as shown in the figure, and trim the angle with scissors

4. Overlap the cut parts in the middle and align them

5. Tie the central part with a 10 cm long ribbon prepared at home and abroad

6. From the inside out, pull out the ribbon from the inside and turn out all the upper ribbon alternately

7. Pull out the lower ribbon in the same way, and then arrange the first ball bow

8. Decorate the gift box with a bow

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